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 · PUA Forum CHAT FAQ Search My Profile Videos Events Contact Us Logout. My Ultimate Guide to Online Dating. 1; 2; Next; Users browsing this forum: Bing [Bot] and 2 Firstly, one of the major parts of learning PUA is approaching women, I mean alot of women and field testing your techniques etc to get comfortable approaching. The problem with many men AdFind Your Special Someone Online. Choose the Right Dating Site & Start Now! ... read more

This means you test version 1 of your copy your profile , record conversions AKA: replies , and then test version 2. The secondary version has slight modifications made like headlines changed or entire paragraphs added or removed. The point is that you test both and see which one performs better, and then tweak the more successful version to pull convert even better. You do this consistently over time and your success will go up considerably… If you are sending out messages, and are getting poor responses despite having kick ass photos, then chances are your profile is to blame.

This is a surefire way to know your profile needs tweaking; If your current profile is not pulling the way it should then it may need to be completely re-worked from scratch — or take another approach. There is nothing wrong with replacing something that is broken!! Poor responses to messages you wrote can often be traced back to a weak profile… If you profile is pulling, experiment on it, make some changes and see if your success rate IE: message replies goes up or down.

Continue to tweak or experiment until you feel you have squeezed every last bit of juice out of your words copy and you will be good to go; pulling the hottest women online that other guys can only dream about…. Unfortunately there is no one size fits all technique for everyone, so I will give you some basic pointers to get you going on the right path to constructing a really kick ass online dating profile.

There is no need to tell her everything before you even speak on the phone. Save something interesting for the actual date! Have her work at it… The truth is most women have a very short attention span. So keep it short and sweet. Remember it just takes one word or phrase out of place and she will close your page and never respond to your dating message.

Keep it short, to the point and sweet. Leave the best stuff for the phone call and the eventual date. You want to peak her curiosity, not sell her on yourself.

You are a man worth knowing and exude that confidence through your profile without going too far. Women like a confident man but going overboard will make you look cocky and will blow you right out of the water. This guide is for men who seduce the hottest women online and that man is you.

Save this for the 2nd or 3rd date at least. A well written profile should be written with confidence although not cocky and with some subtle humor but not a clown.

Hint that you have a sense of humor, and save the jokes for the phone call and eventual date! Women can smell bullshit from a mile away. Avoid this trap at all costs! Instead take another approach. The key to writing a winning online dating profile is to project real confidence, success, motivation and goals in life, as well as abundance and options!

You are more attractive to a woman in a sexual way if you can show her that you have your life together, are going places, and already have women in your life.

Nobody wants a desperate loaner! This is why rock stars and celebrities are so desirable to women; because other women want them! You are confident but not cocky.

You are funny but now a clown. You may not be rich but you have a future and you are going places in life. Say what you have to say in your profile but be subtle and not too cocky. Keep is short, simple and sweet. Show her that you have a sense of humor and are going places with your life, and that you have options, and the beautiful women will come flocking to you!!

Do NOT skimp on this section as this is vital for your success. This is the section where women are looking to make a bond with you. That can be for your mutual love of puppies, the rock band Aerosmith, surfing the perfect wave, or the last Stephen King book you read. Women want to know that you have similar interests as them and some substance.

This can even make the difference whether girls write back to you or not. If you are looking for a nerdy girl that likes to play video games, then this is the place to list it. But on the other hand I want you to be honest here. After all you want to be dating a girl with similar interests so that the two of you can have fun together. The first is height! Next is the income section which is best just left blank. Money should not be a factor at this point anyway.

Let her figure it out later… Besides income, be sure to pay special attention to body type. As explained earlier everyone wants a fit mate, so if you need to make a few white lies on your physical appearance to get a date then do it. BUT get your ass to the gym and start eating right if you are out of shape.

No amount of faking is going to change her mind when she really meets you — so look your best! At the end of the day you want to use your interests and likes section to sound like a fun and well-rounded guy with a variety of interests and likes that make you sound like you have some education and culture. You know — someone she wants to spend time with and brag about to her friends!

Post Posted: Wed Mar 05, am. I want to thank you for sticking with me this far. We are about to get into it. The holy grail of online dating — the introduction message! If you followed the steps previously laid out then you are ready to reach out and start plucking phone numbers from the hottest women on online dating sites of your choice!!

You are now ready to get phone numbers and eventual dates from the hottest girls online using my proven and fool-proof online dating system. This is the real deal! It has taken me ten years to develop the message writing techniques I am about to share with you here now and for free. So sit back and prepare to have your mind blown! My messages are so tight that I can get a phone number from the very first message I send!

I can do this consistently, with many different women, and across a variety of different online dating sites. The reason is that I understand the difference between a well written message and total crap. My definition of a well written message is one that gets you a phone number on the first try AND results in the girl actually picking up her phone when I call or text! The Importance of a Good Headline In Your Messages Makes All The Difference In the World!! The very first thing to discuss before we go any further is you headlines.

I do not want you to underestimate for a second how important this factor is. We discussed it earlier in this guide but I wanted to bring it up again to really hammer home. So take the time to craft some really amazing headlines and your response rate will shoot up significantly! A well written headline should grab her attention. She has to scroll through dozens of messages to get to yours.

The first thing that is going to draw her attention to you is your very best profile photo, which has been discussed to death earlier in this guide. The 2nd thing she will notice is your headline! The 3-Step System For Writing Killer Headlines That Get Your Messages Opened and Read!! The headline needs to grab her attention and illicit an emotional response! This is the interesting part. Just make her feel something and you have done your job to build curiosity.

Many guys think they have to kiss up to a girl to get her to read your message. This could not be further from the truth. In reality all you have to do is 1 make her notice your message above all the other crap in her inbox and 2 open your message and begin reading it! Step 1: Write a Headline that Elicits An Emotion — This is where you can get really creative.

Remember this is meant to be a gentle slap and not a punch to the face! Make her feel a little emotion positive or negative but not enough to piss her off! Other things that have worked well for me is slightly making fun of their pet or username… Step 2: Write a Headline That Makes Her Curious — Another thing you can do to get her attention is to peak her curiosity.

You know — show you are different than the other guys on this site and make her curious about you. In addition to eliciting emotion, making her curious about you can be very effective!! Step 3: Write a Headline That Is Custom For Her — One final thing that you can do to make your message really stand out from the rest is to customize it for the recipient.

Any of these things can be used to grab her attention by mentioning something about her specifically so that your headline stands out. Do the same thing on the dating sites and watch as your success rate goes through the roof! This is where shit is about to get real. I am going to tell you my very own, closely guarded secrets for easily meeting and dating the hottest of the hot women online. If you followed every step this far then you are about to be enlightened… This is the final step.

The last and maybe most important piece of the puzzle. So if you jumped ahead I suggest you take a few steps back and follow the guide closely up till this point. So no cheating! Go back if you need to and do it right. The secret to getting women to reply with their phone numbers is to use psychology on them.

A lot of guys or so called experts will tell you that your introduction message should be short and to the point. I disagree entirely! How you doing today? What techniques can you use? This is a series of questions that you ask a person that ALWAYS result in her answering YES! You can let her know that it must suck having to read dozens of messages from boring guys all asking the same lame questions. This is disgusting to most women and a total turn off — but YOU get her!!

Make a girl understand that you see her world for how it is and she will have mad respect for you and will want to know if you are as amazing as of a guy as she thinks you might be!!

We know that you are!! Remember this — hot girls date above their level and not below! Step 3: Customize Your Message — This is a huge one guys! Women spot this a mile away and it kills any chance of success you may have had with this girl if they detect it. This girl has to think you are only interested in her and that you took the time to read her profile and write her a meaningful message.

Refer to her by her username or astrological sign. But keep the questions to a minimum — re-phrase them as comments. I will tell you why in a second. Custom messages are the key to success… I know it takes more time to write custom messages but I will show you a secret tool I use to reduce this time ten-fold in just a moment!! Instead make a lot of general comments. Just talk. She will correct you if you are wrong. But a woman likes a man with confidence who can make statements and NOT take up a lot of her time answering the same boring questions.

She will respect you for it… Just think how boring it is when someone asks you the same question x. This is exactly what is happening when you ask it too!

Because trust me, you are not the only one asking the same lame questions! The real trick here is to ask the only 1-question that counts. I know it! I have done it before and I know it works. Nobody said that online dating was easy. But that was yesterday! It also automatically messages as many girls as I want it to by itself and it sends them highly detailed custom messages written for them based on specific information taken directly from their profile.

It has totally changed the way I date online. It saves me a ton of time and my response rate has gone through the roof because now I have a tool that works 24×7 to get me dates and it works without a break using all the tools and techniques I laid out in this guide.

Try these techniques out for yourself and I think you will agree that this success can be replicated!! I know how frustrating online dating can be.

It was a ball breaking experience for me as well for many years until I figured things out. I am not saying that this is the only way of going about it, but this is what worked for me! Feel free to change things up to fit your style and personality as you see fit, but if you are just starting out with online dating then follow this guide pretty closely and you will be able to mimic the same type of success I relish in on a daily basis!

Trust me — this stuff really works… Now go out there and sleep with some beautiful women for me! If this guide has transformed your love life like it has mine please message me as I would love to know all about it.

Pretty good general stuff for online beginners. This community was brought into the public eye with the release of Neil Strauss'es infamout book called "The Game".

There are literally hundreds of men who study, train and practice techniques designed to make the modern day Casanova's. Armed with extensive amounts of knowledge in areas such as NLP neuro linguistic programming , body language and inner-game, these techniques have been field test thousands of times and being a PUA is no longer a "natural" occurance, but one achieved through extensive training and testing.

It is quite literally akin to having a PHD in meeting women. This website is my social study on going from an AFP a term in the community for Average Frustrated Chump to PUA. With this industry being a financial windfall for so-called Guru's I wanted to test various techniques and provide real non-biased feedback on my results. For the record, I am in a long-term relationship so am not trying to meet women for any reason other than debunking all the hype and seeing how real this really is.

If it turns out to be effective, I hope it provides motivation and hope for those guys out there that really want to meet someone great. There are lots of great guys out there who never really get a chance to meet their perfect someone and often settle for whomever they can get because they lack the initial social skills to attract their ideal partners.

Ok, times have changed, and now that we're into online dating and mobile dating apps, a username or profile name says it all. It can be the difference between a match or no match, a date or no date. When it comes to choosing a username, more has to go into it than you may think. You want it to be accurate and you don't want it to be misinterpreted. So, what are the top dating sites that we are after? According to eBizMBA.

com and DigitalTrends. So it might be nice to describe yourself as a PhD or a full-time actor, but if you're still an undergraduate student or are an aspiring actor, you may be leaving your future dates disappointment. This too, and if you imply that you're an avid gym goer but your membership has been unused for 4 months, you're definitely being misleading. When choosing a name, make sure it suits your personality, lifestyle, religion, orientation, etc.

I mean this loosely. If you're a young guy looking for an older woman, that's one thing. But if you're a single father looking for a mature woman, you might want to pass on names that imply you're a millennial.

Skip the "AvocadoToastfor2" and consider something more serious like, "GrowYoungWithMe" a play on "grow old with me". So some humor is totally legitimate and will get you noticed by the right person. like using "CrazyCatLady" might just attract another cat lover. But be tasteful.

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Post Posted: Sun Jan 12, am. Wassup guys! This is part 1 of 3 of my definitive guide to online dating. I hope you like it and I will be posting more as soon as I write it!! In the meantime my fingers are beading but I hope it was worth it Without a doubt, this is the definitive guide to online dating.

I have written this step by step system to help other guys who may be experiencing the same type of frustration with online dating that I have in the past. The information contained in this guide will turn an average frustrated chump into a ladies man that is dating the hottest women on the internet in just a few short hours! If you follow the instructions I present here I can virtually guarantee your success with internet dating… It does matter what you look like or how much money you make or even what kind of car you drive.

The information contained within this guide will arm you for war. After you prepare for battle with this information you will squash other men like ants and consistently pull the hottest women on the internet with little to no effort at all on your part… Sound too good to be true? It has taken me 10 years of back breaking research and experimentation to come up with this system.

I was tired of suffering and fighting a losing battle so I developed this system to win. It helped me immensely and it can help you too! If you are serious about meeting and dating the hottest women on the internet and completely transforming your love life then read this guide to the very end and make that dream a reality!!

The bottom line is that this system works and I am giving it away to you completely for free now. And How To Blow Right Through Those Barriers… Here is a unpleasant surprise; Online dating is rigged for you to lose. This way when you perform a search the site looks extremely popular and heavily visited. After all who wants to use a dating site with minimal activity? The dating sites want you to feel like a kid in the candy store and this is accomplished by showing you lots and lots of beautiful eye candy!

That way you know the profiles you are messaging are active and you have a chance of that prospect actually emailing you back! Messaging girls that are in-active if even for a few weeks is a complete waste of your time. There is nothing that will kill attraction quicker than bad profile photos attached to your email.

A STELLAR profile photo is the single most important thing in your online dating arsenal! So make every effort here to produce kick-ass quality profiles photos at any cost!!! The same way you and I are attracted to a pretty face and hot bodies so are women.

We are all biologically wired to want to mate with the hottest members of the opposite sex; either male or female. When it comes to online dating we have a ton to choose from! And so do they… Even mediocre looking girls become very choosy when they are bombarded on a daily basis with emails from guys just like you who want to take them out on a date. Naturally they have become very selective of whom they respond to and your online dating profile photos make it or break it for you.

Simply put you need to do whatever you can to look as good as possible online. I want you to think about this for a second. What do girls go through on a daily basis to make themselves as hot as possible when they go out? It will make a huge difference in your success rates.

Use only the very best photos you have and no more. Your success rate with online dating will sky-rocket when you look your best and present that image to the world to see!!

Avoid using any photos of yourself that are less than stellar and your success rates will go up fold. I guarantee this!! Reason 3: Your Online Dating Message Are Garbage — Besides bad photos this is the 1 reason your messages are not being replied to! Think about this for a second. You are a hot girl. Every guy on the internet wants you so they are messaging up a storm like crazy! Imagine over the span of a few weeks or months how many messages from horny guys you will have read.

Girls are much more of an expert on the subject of good introduction messages than you are! I know you think you are being clever by sending a copy and paste messages. Similarly a message that is to short, generic, and boring can have an equally negative impact on her… If you want to succeed with online dating and get replies you have to send quality messages.

This means carefully picking your targets and sending QUALITY messages worthy of a reply. Take the time to carefully read their profiles and make comments specific to them. Create emotion in your messages and keep it light hearted. But — at the end of this guide I will mention a secret tool that will make writing heartfelt custom messages a thing of the past and reduces the effort to just 1-click and a few seconds.

How was your weekend? If you want to increase your success with online dating send quality messages on a regular basis and do it consistently!! Good quality messages combined with killer profile pics will significantly increase your success with online dating so take the time to nail these factors! Reason 4: Your Headline Sucks Donkey Balls — This is something worthy of consideration for sites that allow headlines.

I know this is shallow but such is life. To get your email opened, you need to present it like a shiny gift wrapped present and make it sing to its recipient. You can do this with the headline.

Take the time to write a really catchy headline and watch how many more times your message will get read. You want to use something that really gets their attention. Try to think outside the box here. Use a headline that creates emotion.

Go big or go home! So stop, breath, and THINK of a killer headline to use that shocks and motivates the reader in a significantly meaningful way to ensure that your messages gets opened and read! Later on in this guide I will go into great detail about writing catchy headlines that get read.

If you want to succeed with online dating make sure your headlines really stands out and force your reader to read what you wrote! Headlines can make a huge difference in your overall online dating success… Reason 5: You Sound Like a Needy Little Wimp In Your Profile — You cannot overlook the importance of having a kick ass profile.

If you have done everything right up until this point you have a chance of the girl you wrote to taking the time to take a look at your profile and maybe write you back if she likes what she sees. Here is an important piece of advice; Less is more! Keep is short, sweet and to the point.

Actually writing less can be extremely helpful as it leaves her guessing and wanting more… This is a good thing for you!! Later in this guide I will go over in detail what it takes to write a winning online dating profile. Take the time to experiment with your profile and modify it until it pulls! Remember: You are a man of abundance and options when you are online — So sound like it in your messages and make this subtly clear in your profile too. Notice I said BE SUBTLE! Going overboard on this will kill your chances.

Just sprinkle in a pinch of confidence into your profile and you will be golden! If you have made it this far, I want to take a moment to congratulate you! You have taken a step that most guys will never know about and this already puts you far ahead of most of the competition.

So far we have taken a look at why most guys fail with online dating. Click here to read my Step "No Fluff" Guide That I should Be Charging Bank For!! Post subject: Re: My Ultimate Guide to Online Dating.

Post Posted: Sun Jan 12, pm. Thanks Kug.. Working on part 2 as we speak Putting my all into it. Got some really great content coming for you guys!! Post Posted: Tue Jan 14, pm. I hope part II gets a little more love! Here it is Part II: Time To Improve The 3-Step Formula For A Kick-Ass Online Dating Profiles That Will Have The Hottest Women Chasing You!!

Do whatever it takes to produce amazing photography that makes you look better than your best. Have you ever woken up next to a girl in the morning and wondered how she could be the same girl you went to bed with the night before?

The answer is lots of make-up and preparation! Most of what you are seeing is a lie!

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AdFind Your Special Someone Online. Choose the Right Dating Site & Start Now!  · PUA Forum CHAT FAQ Search My Profile Videos Events Contact Us Logout. My Ultimate Guide to Online Dating. 1; 2; Next; Users browsing this forum: Bing [Bot] and 2 Firstly, one of the major parts of learning PUA is approaching women, I mean alot of women and field testing your techniques etc to get comfortable approaching. The problem with many men ... read more

Attracting a Mate. Post subject: Re: My Ultimate Guide to Online Dating Post Posted: Tue Jan 14, pm. This is amazing!! I have done it before and I know it works. The pimp clothes from earlier combined with your professional photos and tan get you half way there but Photoshopping your photos gets you the rest of the way there! This community was brought into the public eye with the release of Neil Strauss'es infamout book called "The Game".

If you have done everything right up until this point you have a chance of the girl you wrote to taking the time to take a look at your profile and maybe write you back if she likes what she sees. com or eLance. Pua online dating names point is that women go out of their way to present themselves in the best possible light and you need to do so as well if you want to win. Not interested in shallow gold diggers. Trust me — this stuff really works… Now go out there and sleep with some beautiful women for me! There is nothing that will kill attraction quicker than bad profile photos attached to your email, pua online dating names.